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Fire Alarms

We offer state of the art fire detection systems. We personally survey each and every property ranging from large commercial business, to personal homes' to determine what the best system there is to put to use to make sure your business and home has the best equipment in place for fire detection. We offer a wide range of system products from sirens, strobes, smoke detectors and more. Our smoke detectors provide an early-warning alarm, ensuring your home and business is safe, day or night. High Security monitoring centers are staffed by trained professionals who use state of the art technology to deliver a quick and fast response time, contacting the proper emergency personnel. Our fire protection is set up to be customized to personally, protect each individual business or homes' personnel, property, and processes from fire hazards. Whatever your business or home, wherever you work or live, a High Security Fire Systems solution can be designed to protect your team, family and your operations. Our fire-protection solutions include intelligent smoke and heat detectors, conventional and networked system controls.

Featured Products offered:

  • Air Sampling Smoke Detection
  • Carbon Dioxide System
  • Detection and Control
  • Heat Detection
  • Notification Systems
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Include a System Battery Backup in case of Power Failure.