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Security Systems

At High Security, we specialize in the customization of full security systems, speaker systems, camera surveillance, break-in detection, closed circuit, television and more. We offer a wide range of personally customized systems that fit the needs of our clients. High Security also offers continuous monitoring for all security systems installed. We have a round-the-clock monitoring service that keeps a watchful eye over your home or business. We have fully trained personnel who are ready to react to any situation that arises.
Featured Products offered:

• Dome-Shaped Design
Perhaps the most familiar design in home and commercial security cameras, dome-covered cameras offer a wider view than traditional cameras and a clearer picture as well. The covering of dome-shaped home security cameras serves a dual purpose: first, it protects the camera from intentional damage by vandals or intruders, and second; it can provide protection from water and wind so that the dome-shaped cameras can be placed both indoors and outdoors. There are a variety of dome-shaped home security cameras available to fit your needs from smaller ones that allow more covert placement to IP cameras that can be incorporated into a wireless home security system.

• PTZ – Pan, Tilt, Zoom
This style of camera can rotate in multiple directions to offer the widest range of views from a single camera. PTZ cameras can be incorporated into a dome-shaped design, allowing for a high degree of protection and durability from this advanced camera. Preset scanning modes and over one hundred preset positions make it easy to get the most from a PTZ home security camera.
• IR and IP: Specialized Home Security Cameras
Depending on your home or business security needs, you may be interested in including IR and/or IP cameras as part of your home security system. Infrared, or IR, home security cameras are the best cameras for capturing an image at night. They are able to provide clear image with little or no lighting. IP cameras are ideal for wireless home security systems, as an IP home security camera transmits images using the internet rather than hard wires.
  • Glass Break Detection
  • Motion Sensors
  • Key Pads
  • Door & Window Entry Detection
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Camera View
Products Serviced and Used
• We are an authorized seller for Chamberlain Access Solutions, GE Security, PTI, Digi-Tech, Door King, Silent Knight, Inner-Logixs, UTC fire & Security, CDVI, ELK, IR and IP cameras, PTZ – Pan cameras, dome cameras and more